The Leibster Award

I was flattered the other day to receive a comment notifying me that Sue at Cake Balls, Cookies, and More had given me a Leibster Award. This award is given to newer blogs (with a following of fewer than 200 people) by their fellow bloggers. Liebster is a German word that means favorite or dearest. Thank you, Sue!

After being given the award, the recipient is supposed to choose 5 of their favorite blogs and pass along the Leibster love. I’ve realized that while I read a lot of food blogs, they’re generally pretty well established and have FAR more than 200 followers (or don’t post their follower count). Because the ultimate goal of this award is to bring attention to new blogs, I’m opting instead to ask anybody reading this post to recommend any good blogs that deserve more traffic so I can check them out!

I will offer a few plugs:

1. Colleenie McCupcake is the blogging home of one of my closest friends.

Colleen is a wonderful baker/cook and I’m lucky to have personally tasted many of her creations (her cupcakes are amazing but she posts all kinds of recipes). She falls into the category of folks whose follower count I do not know, but you should definitely check her blog out!

2. Another great blog you should head over to is PalmHeart.

It’s great inspiration for anyone looking to pursue a sustainably healthy lifestyle, especially through food and fitness. (Again, I have no idea about follower count, I’m assuming it’s over 200, but worth a recommendation anyway.)

3. Another one of my best friends, Andy, was finally pressured into making his own baking blog: The Hungry Dino.

He bakes amazingly decadent and delicious cakes and is one seriously talented food photographer. You should go give his blog some love!

4. Though not an actual recipe blog, Ude’s Food for Thought can offer you some witty musings to fuel your mind!

Judy’s blog offers glimpses into her life and interests, with a healthy dose of sarcasm. You should definitely check out her page.

And please leave your blog recommendations in the comments!